W-7551-C | Threaded End Specimen Holder

One Threaded-end Specimen Holder made of Inconel 713-C rated for a maximum temperature of 1100 Deg. C (2000 Deg. F). with customer specified thread sizes other than listed as an IPG standard.

Note: All Standard W-7551-C threaded end holders have one end threaded 3/4-10 (Type R3f) as the mating thread for the high temperature pull rods and the opposite end threaded to match the specimen's thread. Common thread sizes ordered under the catalog numbers below.

All standard US Customary threads are a class 2B fit and all standard Mectic thread sizes are a class 6G fit. (Consult factory for any thread sizes not listed)

  • Coupling Length:  55.55 mm (2.187 in)
  • Coupling Diameter: 28.6 mm (1.125 in)
  • Pull rod end threaded: US Customary 3/4-10 (Type R3f)

Catalog Number Specimen end threaded size
W-7551-CM1 Metric M6 x 1.0
W-7551-CM2 Metric M8 x 1.0
W-7551-CM3 Metric M8 x 1.25
W-7551-CM4 Metric M10 x 1.5
W-7551-CM5 Metric M12 x 1.5
W-7551-CM6 Metric M12 x 1.75
W-7551-CM7 Metric M14 x 2.0
W-7551-CM8 Metric M16 x 1.5
W-7551-CM9 Metric M16 x 2.0
W-7551-CM10 Metric M18 x 2.5
W-7551-CM11 Metric M19 x 1.5
W-7551-CU1 US Customary 10-24
W-7551-CU2 US Customary 10-32
W-7551-CU3 US Customary 1/4-20
W-7551-CU4 US Customary 1/4-28
W-7551-CU5 US Customary 5/16-24
W-7551-CU6 US Customary 5/16-18
W-7551-CU7 US Customary 3/8-16
W-7551-CU8 US Customary 3/8-24
W-7551-CU9 US Customary 7/16-14
W-7551-CU10 US Customary 1/2-13
W-7551-CU11 US Customary 5/8-11
W-7551-CU12 US Customary 3/4-10 (Type R3f)
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