Grips, specimen holders, quick-change adapters, and pull rods rated for high-temperature testing in furnaces.

Quick-Change Adapters

Quick-change adapters are typically used in hot tensile applications to provide simplified load train installation. They consist of a button-head washer that is threaded onto the room temperature end of a pull rod. The washer and pull rod are then inserted through a slot in the adapter body.

Force Capacity Effective Length Catalog No.
90 kN 6.43 in W-7556M4
10 kN 5.58 in W-7556M2
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Threaded End Specimen Holders
Catalog No. W-7551-C

Threaded-end specimen holders made of Inconel 713-C rated for a maximum temperature of 1100 Deg. C (2000 Deg. F).

Specimen Thread Size Catalog No.
Metric M6 x 1.0 W-7551-CM1
Metric M8 x 1.0 W-7551-CM2
Metric M8 x 1.25 W-7551-CM3
Metric M10 x 1.5 W-7551-CM4
Metric M12 x 1.5 W-7551-CM5
Metric M12 x 1.75 W-7551-CM6
Metric M14 x 2.0 W-7551-CM7
Metric M16 x 1.5 W-7551-CM8
Metric M16 x 2.0 W-7551-CM9
Metric M18 x 2.5 W-7551-CM10
Metric M19 x 1.5 W-7551-CM11
US Customary 10-24 W-7551-CU1
US Customary 10-32 W-7551-CU2
US Customary 1/4-20 W-7551-CU3
US Customary 1/4-28 W-7551-CU4
US Customary 5/16-24 W-7551-CU5
US Customary 5/16-18 W-7551-CU6
US Customary 3/8-16 W-7551-CU7
US Customary 3/8-24 W-7551-CU8
US Customary 7/16-14 W-7551-CU9
US Customary 1/2-13 W-7551-CU10
US Customary 5/8-11 W-7551-CU11
US Customary 3/4-10 (Type R3f) W-7551-CU12
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Pull Rods

High temperature pull rods made of made of Inconel 713-C for strength and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Both ends are threaded 0.75-10m-RH and are compatible with a range of grips, adapters, and specimen holders.

Rated for 9070 kgs (20,000 lbs) load up to 760°C (1400°F) and 1360 kgs (3000 lbs) load at a maximum temperature of 1100°C (2000°F).

Pull Rod Length Force Capacity Catalog No.
273 mm (10.75 in) 90 / 26.7 kN W-7546-C
330 mm (13.00 in) 90 / 26.7 kN W-7547-C
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High Temperature Tension Wedge Grips
Catalog No. W-7554

One set (2) wedge grip specimen holders made of Hastelloy X. Holders designed for tension-only loading and may be equipped to accept flat specimens from 1.13 mm to 3.18 mm thick (0.005 in to 0.125 in) by 12.7 mm to 22.225 mm wide (0.5 in to 0.875 in). Design of holders requires drilling of holes in specimen end tabs for initial loading and jaw alignment. Centering pin diameter 4.1148 mm (0.162 in). Holders are 70mm (2.75 in) long by 38mm (1.375 in) diameter contain 0.75-10f-RH thread for attachment to pull rods. Jaw inserts ordered separately, selected based on thicknesses of specimens to be tested. See W-7554-A1, -A3, and -A4 below for available inserts and corresponding thickness ranges.

Specimen Diameter Pin 4.1148 mm (Pin 0.162 in)
Specimen Thickness 1.13 - 3.18 mm (0.005 - 0.125 in)
Specimen Width 12.700 - 22.225 mm (0.500 - 0.875 in)
Temperature Rating 926°C (1700°F)

High Temperature Wedge Jaw Inserts

One set (two pairs) of high temperature wedge jaw inserts for use with the W-7554 high temperature tension wedge grips.

Type Specimen Thickness Temperature Rating Catalog No.
Smooth-Faced 0.13 to 1.0 mm (0.005 to 0.040 in) 926°C (1700°F) W-7554-A1
Serrated-Faced 1.0 to 2.0 mm (0.040 to 0.078 in) 926°C (1700°F) W-7554-A3
Serrated-Faced 2.0 to 3.18 mm (0.078 to 0.125 in)   W-7554-A4
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Pin and Clevis Holders

Pin and clevis specimen holders are designed for flat specimens that have a hole in each end. The specimen fits into the slot of the holder and is secured by the pin.

Note: Using a specimen that is smaller (thinner) than the slot width specified for a given set of holders can result in misalignment of the specimen.

Material Iconel 713-C
Temperature Rating 1100°C (2000°F)
Upper and Lower Fittings US Customary 3/4 in-10 (Type R3f)
Coupling Length 69.9 mm (2.75 in)
Coupling Diameter 28.6 mm (1.125 in)

Available Sizes
Size Catalog No.
1 mm slot, 3 mm pin CP112249
2 mm slot, 3 mm pin CP112250
3 mm slot, 4 mm pin CP112251
4 mm slot, 4 mm pin CP112252
6 mm slot, 6 mm pin CP112253
10 mm slot, 10 mm pin CP112255
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