For Modular Grips for Static/Fatigue

The 2703 and 2741 Series Grip Faces and Buttonhead holders are designed to provide the best possible gripping for Instron 2742 Series Hydraulic Modular Grips.

2703 Series Flat and V- faces accommodate a wide range of specimen sizes in both flats and rounds. 

The faces are made from vanadium steel and are serrated for maximum gripping effectiveness. 

A range of buttonhead holders are available for the side-entry Button Head grip option

Principle Of Operation

2703 Series grip faces feature serrated surfaces for optimum gripping. The serrations are designed to minimize damage to the specimen surface.

2741 Series buttonhead holders are machined to match the size and shape of the specimen head and provide accurate and positive gripping under the shoulder of the specimen

Application Range

  • Static and fatigue tests on a wide variety of metallic and rigid non-metallic materials including composites.