Automated Compression, Tensile, and Flexure Testing

The AT2 Automated XY Stage can be installed on any new or existing 6800 and 5900 Series universal testing systems to automate compression, tensile, and flexure testing of devices or components with multiple test points, or multiple components with repetitive test points. These systems are widely adopted in the biomedical and electronics industries to test a wide range of materials, devices, and components.

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Glass Vial Testing with AT2 Automated XY Stage

Within industries such as the medical device industry, many components, sub-assemblies, or end products have multiple elements, like leads, that need to be tested independently of one another. Using the Automated XY Stage System, the specimen is automatically relocated so that each element can be tested without having to re-install the specimen. Additionally, when initial alignment is critical for successful testing, the XY Stage Testing System provides the ability for repeatable and quick results, including applications like insertion and withdrawal testing or precision bend testing. The flexibility of the Automated XY Stage allows it to adapt for testing of many specimens, devices, or components.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: compression, tensile, flex
  • Biomedical: syringes, vials, pharmaceutical pills, springs
  • Electronics: keypads, touch-capable displays, small electronics

Maximum Stage Load Capacity 2 kN
XY Stage Travel (Option 1) 300 x 150 mm
XY Stage Travel (Option 2) 150 x 150 mm
Stage Speed 25 mm/sec
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Spring Testing on AT2 Automated XY Stage


Increased Throughput

An automated testing system tests multiple specimens without operator intervention. This reduces the overall test time for a sample, allowing data used for product development and production to be provided more quickly.

Increased Repeatability

Automated systems reduce operator influence over test results, allowing more consistent and repeatable results. This is especially helpful for organizations using multiple operators in multiple labs.

Better Use of Skilled Labor

An automated testing system runs unattended, generating results while skilled operators improve their efficiency by focusing on other important tasks.

Improved Safety and Ergonomics

Automated testing minimizes repetitive motion and reduces the amount of physical interaction with the testing system, reducing operator injuries.

Automated XY Stage Integrated with Bluehill Universal

Seamless Control of the XY Stage Movements

XY Stage Movement

Using Bluehill Universal, you can easily move the XY Stage into various positions for specimen set up and test location identification.

Sequence Builder

Build a sequence of test locations in Bluehill Universal using grid or diamond patterns, or create a custom sequence to test components where the distance between test locations varies.

Test Results

Bluehill Universal makes it easy and convenient to generate and analyze test results.


Residual Seal Force Testing

Syringe Cap Removal

Button Testing

Compression Testing of Electronic Displays

Electrical Contact Testing


Adapter Plate for AT2 Automated XY Stage

For Automated and Non-Automated Testing

When you need to perform non-automated tests, an adapter plate can be installed to convert the XY stage to a standard system pin and clevis interface, allowing you to mount Instron grips and fixtures for tensile, compression, bend, and other testing.

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