ElectroPuls® Automated
XY Stage


Test the durability of your products and components in ways not possible until now, using Instron®’s ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage.

With the Automated XY Stage, you are no longer limited to testing your product in a single location. When combined with Instron ElectroPuls and WaveMatrix3 software you can automate your product testing and perform it in ways you had never imagined.

Whether you want to perform multi-location button presses, simulate swiping of touch devices or automate the testing of sample batches, the ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage will revolutionize your testing.

When precision and flexibility is critical for success, the ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage delivers reliable and repeatable results.


ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage with WaveMatrix2 Software


XY Stage Keyboard

Test multiple locations on a device quickly without manual intervention


XY Stage WaveMatrix3 Test Work Space

Automation of multiple test locations increases throughput and efficiency allowing operators to work on value-added activities


XY Stage Compact Design

Compact design fits into small laboratory space


XY Stage Phone Swipe

Flexible design accommodates
a variety of samples



Fully integrated with Instron’s WaveMatrix3 software, the interface provides an intuitive environment for creating tests that optimize all features of the XY Stage.

Testing coordinates can be easily navigated and saved using the multi-function joystick and laser crosshair. Multiple coordinates can then be imported directly into the software.

WaveMatrix3 Dashboard with Side Monitor


XY Stage Test Area

Motorized XY Stage with
150 x 300 mm usable test area


XY Stage Controller Box

XY Stage Controller Box with single phase electrical supply


XY Stage Joystick

Joystick with position logging


XY Stage Laser

Laser guidance for loadstring centre location


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ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage

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