Sometimes You Never Know Where This Job Will Take You

Have you ever seen or tested on an Instron 8150 frame? Well, if not, they are huge.

While doing a repair on a 8150 frame at a customer site, our Service technicians had to go to the roof of the building to perform the service .... Yes, the roof. Why? Because during installation the frame was so large that the only way they could get it into the customer lab was to cut a hole in the roof and lower it down.

After seating the frame it still protruded through the roof. So our team had to build a make-shift roof around the top of the frame with a removable top. Some of the electronics and pneumatics are seated in the “top can” of the frame, so that's why during this service call, the roof was the place of action.

According to the Regional Service Manager, this was his first time ever having to get on a roof to work on anything. And he quoted someone as saying, “I can see Russia from here”.... that must have been one high roof.

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Roof  Roof2

Originally posted on January 11, 2012 , Updated On March 23, 2021