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2580 Series Load Cells

2580 Series static load cells (500 N – 600 kN) for use with 5900 testing systems


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FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Implementation - Bluehill Universal's Traceability Module White Paper

The purpose of this document is to inform the end user how the Traceability Module within Bluehill Universal can help meet the technical requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11. This document outlines the three key areas in Bluehill Universal (Security, Audit Trail, and Signatures) and also provides a row-by-row interpretation of how Bluehill Universal addresses each of the Part 11 items. Ultimately, each end user should perform their own assessment and create appropriate work instructions that cover the Instron system, Bluehill Universal, the Windows file systems, and the user’s Quality Management system.


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Pneumatic Side Action Grips 2712-04x Series

The 2712-04x Series Pneumatic Side Action grips are ideal for static tensile testing on a wide range of materials and specimen types including plastics, elastomers, metals, textiles, paper, thin sheet, foil, and wire.


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Pneumatic Side-Action Grips | 2712-05x Series

The Instron 2712-05x Series Pneumatic Side-Action Grips offers a versatile gripping solution for a wide range of materials. Available in both 50 and 250 N options, the grip’s robust design is ideal for round (wires),fiber (mono-filaments), and flat specimens with or without shoulder.


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Curved Needle Testing Systems

The Instron® Needle Testing System is ideally suited for needles used in abdominal, fistula, vascular, intestinal, or other surgical procedures. This system provides two different needle testing solutions: one for curved needle puncture testing and one for bend testing. The curved needle puncture testing fixture is used to evaluate needle sharpness and insertion force, while the needle bend testing fixture is used to evaluate flexural properties of the needle during use. With its tabletop design, the Curved Needle Testing System has a small footprint and takes up minimal benchtop space. The testing system operates with Instron Bluehill® 3 Software that provides test control, data acquisition,test results, and reports, as well as a large library of calculations.


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Manual Wedge Action Grips 2716-00x and 2736-00x Series

The manual wedge action grip is designed for easy specimen loading, alignment, and positioning. After initial face to specimen contact, gripping force will increase as the testing load increases. Virtually no preload is seen during specimen clamping due to the design of the moving grip bodies. This makes them particularly suitable for testing high strength materials, such as metals and composites, ensuring that specimen slippage is eliminated.


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6800 Series Multi Station Systems

The Instron 6800 Series Multi Station System offers enhanced throughput with its ability to perform simultaneous, independent tests on up to five separate specimens using a single load frame.


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Torsion Add-On Version 3 Operator's Guide

The Torsion Add-on system comprises a compatible electromechanical load frame, e.g. 6800 Series, a secondary motor mounted to the moving crosshead, a torsion controller assembly mounted to the column of the load frame and a suitable biaxial load cell mounted to the base adapter This configuration provides torque to the specimen which allows biaxial testing of specimens.


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6800 Dual Column Table Model Operator's Guide

The Operators' Guide provides the information you need to know to start testing after the system has been installed and set up for the first time. The document provides a detailed introduction, notes on prepping the system, and information on testing specimens.


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AVE2 Dynamic Strain Measurement

In addition to its excellent performance for static testing, the Instron AVE 2 is now available with an option for cyclic testing and high speed monotonic test measurement. Capable of tracking displacement at up to 500mm/s with cyclic test frequencies up to 20Hz, it offers the speed and flexibility scientists and engineers have been waiting for to study the dynamic behaviour of materials without contacting the specimen.


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