Materials Testing and the Modern Age

"It’s not surprising that many of the trends we see in our everyday devices have transferred over to the world of lab equipment, specifically, material testing systems. The most common trends in these systems over the last several years have had an extreme focus on one thing: the user. In a world where technical specifications of products are often neck-and-neck, or too ambiguous to differentiate, user experience, or UX, is the ideal opportunity to make a product or service differentiated enough to succeed. Some of the most common trends include touch technology, enhanced ergonomics, and internet connectivity."

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Bluehill Universal Quality Article
With the introduction of Bluehill® Universal Software, Software Product Manager Elena Mangano speaks to users' expectations of modern technology and its impact on the materials testing world.  She reviews how touch,
ergonomics, and connectivity play vital and advantageous roles in an efficient user experience.