Bluehill Universal Enhanced Security Webinar

Learn How to Improve Data Integrity with Enhanced Security Features in Bluehill® Universal

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Event Date: Thursday, December 13, 2018

9:00 am Session      2:00 pm Session


Join us for this webinar to learn about the latest updates to Bluehill Universal software, including security feature enhancements which allow users to configure more granularity in permissions, as well as a new option to link login credentials to the system’s Windows login or Active Directory. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn a few tips and tricks for optimizing your testing workflow.

Bluehill Universal Operator Dashboard

By Attending This Webinar, You Will:

  • Learn how to configure Bluehill Security, as well as how to link Bluehill Security to the local Windows login and Active Directory
  • Discover how to use the enhanced permissions within Bluehill Security, allowing lab managers and administrators to better customize privileges
  • Learn about creating subsamples to group your results by operator, specimen properties, and other parameters in order to better visualize and interpret results.

Featured Speaker

Elayne Gordonov Bluehill Product Manager

Elayne Gordonov
Bluehill Product Manager