Instron® Launches
Torsion Add-On 3.0 for Axial Test Systems

Torsion Testing of Luer Lock

Instron is excited to announce the launch of the Torsion Add-On 3.0 for universal testing systems. Recently redesigned to take advantage of the latest functionality offered by the new Instron 6800 Series, this system now offers a simpler, safer, and more intuitive user experience.

Since its introduction in 2015 the Torsion Add-On product line has become an increasingly popular tool for testing a wide variety of medical devices, electronics, consumer products, packaging, and automotive components. Its ability to perform axial, torsion, and simultaneous axial-torsion testing enable it to simulate real world use of products and components in a testing environment. It also meets the requirements of a variety of international testing standards, including ISO 11040-4, ISO 80369, and ASTM F543.

As part of the redesign, Instron has improved the durability and usability of the product for both 6800 and 5900 systems. The incorporated mechanical changes result in increased rotary performance and stiffness and reduced rotary backlash. Rotary direction icons are coordinated between the motor, handset, and software to provide clarity on clockwise and counterclockwise directions and avoid inadvertent damage to specimens or fixtures. Bluehill Universal materials testing software provides fully integrated control of the rotary axis, including the new Rotate to Angle feature, allowing users to quickly and easily move to a specified angle by simply entering the desired rotational angle. With the release of version 3.0, users of the 6800 Series testing systems can now take advantage of the integrated handset for a safer and more ergonomic operation.

The Torsion Add-On 3.0 can be added to any new or existing 6800 or 5900 Series universal testing system. For more information, visit the Torsion Add-On product page.