Busbar Terminal Weld Testing — For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric vehicle batteries require countless welds between electrodes, tabs, casings, and cells. Understanding the most common failure modes and strength of each weld is critical for determining the life of a battery.

Puncture Test Fixture: Testing Separator Film for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Puncture testing (EN 14477) of separator film is critical to ensure the safety and longevity of each cell throughout the life cycle of a battery. Film must be strong enough to withstand punctures from dendrites that form with extensive use. Ensuring proper specimen tautness and alignment of an upper probe are critical for this application.

Cylindrical Cell Weld Testing — For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Cylindrical cells require several welds during assembly, including the cathode tab to the cap of the cell, the anode tab to the base of the can, and even the tab-to-tab individual welds. All of these require proper alignment and gripping solutions for high throughput and repeatable results.

Advanced Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips

Advanced Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips are versatile grips that can be used in both static and dynamic materials testing applications — up to 500 kN force capacity for dynamic tests, and up to 600 kN for static tests. Ideal for metals and composites testing, the interchangeable grip jaw faces accommodate both flat and round specimens, and the grip design maintains a constant gripping force on the test specimen, regardless of the applied test forces. The grips can easily be configured for compression testing with the use of piggyback load string adapters.

90° Pneumatic Peel Fixture: Testing Adhesion of Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries

The pneumatic 90° peel fixture was developed specifically for electrode adhesion testing. This peel fixture is designed to help an operator align and clamp down a specimen quickly and consistently while ensuring that a 90° angle can be maintained from start to finish. With its improved clamping and specimen alignment aids, the fixture provides greater repeatability, throughput, and reduced operator involvement over a standard manually controlled and set up peel fixture.

Tack Testing Fixture: Testing the Adhesion of Electrodes

Designed for ease of specimen preparation and throughput, this Tack Test Fixture is optimized for testing the adhesion strength of electrodes to their current collector. The contact area of the tack can be designed to various sizes as needed. It is designed with 5 specimen locations and able to perform 5 consecutive tests without the need for additional specimen preparation in between each test.

Weld Testing Fixture: Prismatic Cell Weld Testing

This custom-made prismatic battery weld test fixture features a cantilever style hook and alignment fixture for testing the cumulative welding of anode/cathode tabs to their respective current collector. It is also paired with a crosshead extension to provide more space behind and around the specimen/alignment device when using a single column frame. By using the alignment fixture, an operator can ensure the prismatic cell is properly gripped in an upper grip. Fixturing can also be easily swapped out to accommodate different sized prismatic cells and/or welds.

Electrical Contact Testing on a Universal Testing Machine

Universal testing systems can simultaneously measure the mechanical and electrical properties for your device.

RTS Instron Connect Software Overview

This video demonstrates the different features within the Instron Connect Software, an integrated support tool available on you Instron system’s operator dashboard or PC.