Piggyback Load Cell Adapters

Instron's piggyback load cell adapters allow the system’s primary load cell to remain in place while a secondary, low-capacity load cell is installed. Additional piggyback load cell adapters are available to ensure compatibility with secondary load cells of various capacities.

Piggyback Load String Adapters

Instron's piggyback load string adapters allow high-capacity grips to remain on the load string while providing a connection to utilize a wide variety of other fixtures. Additional piggyback load string adapters are available for grips various capacities.

Instron Bluehill Impact Tup Calibration Alert for Drop Weight Impact Tester

Automatic alerts are generated when Tup calibration period is expiring. This feature helps to reduce the risk of invalid tests and protect your results against inaccuracies.

ElectroPuls® E20000

For the maximum capacity and force for your electrodynamic testing requirements, we have recently introduced the NEW ElectroPuls E20000 model.

Introducing TrendTracker for Bluehill Central Webinar

In the world of materials testing, having an easy way to search and analyze data collected over time across multiple testing systems is critical. In this webinar, we introduce TrendTracker for Bluehill Central – a new module designed to accelerate the data analysis workflow of your lab.

Quick-Mount Load Cell Adapters

Instron’s quick-mount load cell adapters make it easier to secure load cells up to 50 kN to the crosshead of 6800 or 5900 Series universal testing machines. One part of the adapter mounts to the crosshead, the other to the load cell – allowing the load cell to hang securely from the crosshead unaided while you thread the through-bolt to complete installation. Additional load cell adapters are available for use with 2580, 2530, and 2525 Series load cells of various capacities.

Expert Tips for Testing Electronics

Proper testing is critical to understanding the performance of electronic devices during normal use conditions and when mishandled. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can improve efficiency by introducing various levels of automation into your lab. You’ll also learn how adding additional capabilities such as temperature measurement of the specimen and proper specimen alignment will help you better understand the performance of your product.

Specimen Protect: 6800 and 5900 Series Universal Testing Systems

Specimen Protect is a feature of Instron® 6800 and 5900 Series universal testing systems and system retrofits that limits unwanted forces applied to the specimen during loading. When Specimen Protect is enabled, the actuator or crosshead moves automatically to ensure the force on the specimen remains within the pre-set bounds. It is often used to protect specimens or components during set-up, prior to setting operational limits.

AT2 Automated XY Stage Throughput & Efficiency

For testing labs stretched thin by a limited number of operators or increased workloads, the AT2 Automated XY Stage is designed to improve throughput and repeatability, while also freeing up your operators to focus on other value add tasks.