Instron® Calibration Services

Calibration activities for Europe, Africa and the Middle East are coordinated from our European Center of Excellence in High Wycombe, UK. The laboratory undertakes calibrations and provides on-site calibration services across Europe, Africa and the Middle East using 60+ locally-based calibration staff.

View or print a copy of the laboratories NVLAP Scope of Accreditation for our European Laboratory.

Instron verification and calibration services are the convenient, economical, and low-risk way to ensure that your testing needs are satisfied and meet many of the relevant ISO/IEC and ASTM requirements.

Our wide range of capability allows us to calibrate or verify most materials testing systems in either our High Wycombe laboratory or on-site where your testing machine is located. Our calibration engineers will verify and calibrate all types of Instron material testing systems, including SATEC™, CEAST, and Dynatup machines. Small, easily transportable devices, such as handheld pulltesters, can be sent to our permanent Laboratory facility for calibration whilst we can visit you to undertake on-site calibration of your materials testing machines.

With 40+ years accredited calibration experience, our knowledgeable calibration staff also calibrate other manufacturer's materials testing equipment.

Available Verification Services

Type Standard Description
Force Verification


ISO 7500-1

Verification of Testing machines from0.01 N to 2 MN in tension and from 0.01 N to 3 MN in

compression for ISO 7500-1

0.01 N to 4.45 MN tension and compression for ASTM E7

Factory calibration of freestanding force devices (i.e. spring gauges and handheld pull-testers)

Strain (Extensometer) Verification


ISO 9513

ISO 5893


Verification and classification - Extensometers and COD gauges
Extensometer Calibrator Rig Verification


ISO 9513

Factory Calibration of Extensometer Calibration Rigs
Load Frame Alignment Verification



Verification of Alignment Under Tensile Load
Displacement - Linear Verification

Axial Displacement of Crosshead or Actuator

Range: 50 micron - 1000 mm

Speed - Linear Verification

Crosshead Speed

Range: 0.05 - 2500 mm/min

Displacement - Rotary Verification
- Rotary Displacement of Torsion Actuator
Torque Verification

Torsion Actuator verification

Range: 1 - 100Nm

Temperature Verification
- Temperature cabinets (-30° to 500° C)
Creep Verification

ISO 7500-1

ISO 7500-2

Creep Machines (Deadweight and Loadcell)
Hardness Verification


ISO 6506-2

Brinell for Metallic Materials

(Direct and Indirect)



ISO 6508-2

 Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial Hardness

(Direct and Indirect)



ISO 6507-2

 Vickers for Metallic Materials

(Direct and Indirect)

  ASTM E384

 Micro-hardness - Vickers

(Direct and Indirect)

Pendulum Impact Verification


ISO 13802


ISO 148-2

Notched Bar Impact Testing
Drop Tower Verification

Verification of drop tower type Impact machines for:

  • Displacement
  • Speed
  • Force
  • Mass
Software Verification
- 21 CFR 820 IQ/OQ Service

Calibrations to the Highest Standards and Traceability

All reference devices (standards) used in our verification process are directly traceable to either the NPL in London, NIST in the USA, or other recognized National Measurement Institutes (NMI) as stipulated by ISO/IEC 17025.

All procedures meet ISO or ASTM standards where they exist or are produced to verify the critical functions of the testing instrument. Additionally, the procedures are validated before use and audited on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date and correct.

Calibration certification is provided to customers in a digitally encrypted format that provides high integrity documentation that is easy to store, retrieve, print, and distribute to suit customer needs. These certificates can be provided in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Instron certificates are designed to provide information in an overview, summary, and detailed data sequence for ease of interpretation. This makes them the ideal document for quickly checking conformance or for a full study of instrument performance.

Compliance Certification and Scope

View our Laboratory's ISO 17025 compliance documents:

NVLAP Scope of Accreditation

Protect Your Investment

In today's world, conformance to standards is serious business. The cost of non-compliance is now enormous especially where litigation can be involved. Your customers hold you responsible for the integrity of your test data. This is why every testing system, no matter how old or new, should be routinely verified for conformance to applicable national and international standards. It is not just good measurement practice, it is essential business sense.

As good as your measurement equipment is, performance can change over time. Minimizing the risk to your business by undertaking scheduled calibration and verification is a sound investment. Choosing an experienced, accredited and world reputable calibration provider is one of the best ways of demonstrating this to your customers and regulatory authorities.