CEAST Measurement System Verifications and Calibrations

Inston’s Professional Services organization provides a complete range of verification and calibration services for CEAST Drop Tower, Melt Flow, Rheometer, and automated HDT and Vicat testing solutions.

Melt Flow Meter Verification

  • Piston and capillary Dimensions
  • Encoder accuracy Check (where fitted)
  • Verification of barrel temperature and adjustment
  • Verification of the DIE swell (where fitted)
  • Verification of the load cell used on model 7027multi-weight (where fitted)

Read more about CEAST Melt Flow Verification

HDT and Vicat Verification

  • Dimensional check of the Vicat head
  • LVDT accuracy
  • Bath temperature and ramp rate
  • Temperature sensors
  • Check/configure the thermal expansion of testing probes

Read more about CEAST HDT and Vicat Verification


Instron Professional Services are now able to provide NVLAP accredited calibrations for Strain Gauged TUPs, from 1kN up to 100kN under lab code 200301-0. This calibration is carried out directly on your Drop Tower testing instrument, enabling you to be back up and testing in few hours, minimizing the downtime of your equipment. Read more about NVLAP accredited on-site TUP calibration by Instron Professional Services.

Capillary Rheometer Verification

  • Dimensional checks of the piston or pistons
  • Verification of barrel temperature and adjustment
  • Capillary condition
  • Accuracy of load cells
  • Speed of the crosshead
  • Crosshead displacement
  • Pressure transducer operation
  • Check of the stretch unit if fitted