Electrical Wire and Insulation Tensile Testing

The Challenge
Electrical Wire

Automotive assemblies today are full of various electrical wires and cable harnesses required to transmit power and other signals to control engine operations, the on-board diagnostic computer, fuel injection system, auxiliary lights, dashboard controls, and the increasingly common infotainment system. These wires are routed through sleeves, taped with fabric tape, and inserted through panels. Due to this level of processing and handling there is a high risk of wire damage or breakage. Additionally, since the electronics are located in automobiles, they are often subjected to both high and low temperatures.

Our Solution
Insulation Testing

Instron offers a variety of gripping solutions that are designed to clamp or hold specimens of various sizes. Pneumatic grips are the most commonly used gripping solution for securely holding wires and harnesses. Additionally, a variety of environmental chambers are available and can be set or controlled within Bluehill® Universal software.  Features such as pre-heat and pre-cool are available to ensure the test is run at the specified temperature limits. Instron’s Custom Solutions Group is committed to working with customers on applications that need measurements of electrical signals while testing is performed. Instron’s testing systems offer various communication channels that enable Bluehill Universal to present the electrical signal on the graph along with the force vs. displacement curve.

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