Crankshaft Torsional Fatigue Testing



Crankshafts convert the forces generated within the cylinder during combustion into torque. During this process, crankshafts are exposed to severe cyclic fatigue loads and the design must be optimized to deliver the required service life. Fatigue testing is therefore essential to validate the design and manufacturing process for these key components.

our Solution


Torsional fatigue testing of the crankshafts of passenger cars and commercial vehicles can be conducted efficiently and reliably with Hydropuls® rotary actuators. Accelerated testing by running at the crankshaft torsional resonant frequency is also possible. To cover a wide spectrum of test scenarios we offer a variety of rotary actuators with different capacities. We also offer numerous accessories for compensating eccentricity, misalignment, or shortening of specimens under load. Climatic chambers for simulating environmental conditions and temperature are also available.

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