The Challenge

Polyolefin producers are seeing increasing requirements for improved energy density and cycle life of the batteries. Issues with the selection of the cell separator materials can compromise battery integrity and increase the potential for internal short circuits, leading to thermal runaway, fire and even explosions. Puncture resistance to an impact event is a crucial mechanical property used to assess and select the material with the best performance, while reducing the thickness, number of layers and weight.

Our Solution

ASTM D882 outlines the tensile testing of thin plastic film, which is suitable for polymer separators. Instron offers a variety of testing solutions that comply with D882. The different tiers of product offerings provide superior accuracy and throughput for labs that require it and more affordable solutions for labs that do not. Please review Instron's ASTM D882 Definitive Guide for additional details. Relating to puncture tests, ASTM F1306 outlines the puncture testing of flexible barrier films to characterize the material response when a 3.2 mm diameter probe is driven into a clamped specimen. Instron's S1-14110 fixture is in compliance with the recommended fixture specifications described in F1306.

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