Compression Testing of IC Packages

The Challenge

Three closely related trends in the microelectronics industry are: complex printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, dimensional reduction of PCB packages, and high density packaging. The assembly of electronic packages, integrated circuits (ICs), and other components on PCBs introduce mechanical stress. High density packaging of components on both the top and bottom side of a PCB creates an increased probability of mechanical failures, such as cracks or fractures. Furthermore, OEMs are interested in knowing how the application of force changes voltage or current generated from the chips, as materials used to manufacture these chips and their forms constantly evolve over time.

Our Solution

Instron® 6800 Series single and dual column systems, along with an Automated XY Stage, are configured to perform micro-compression tests across multiple points of a chip or component. Fixtures developed by our Custom Solutions Group can clamp these components at proper positions to conduct the test accurately. Since micro-compression tests involve measuring displacement or deflection in microns, routines can be performed to eliminate any system compliance or variance from the machine, load cell, and the fixture. Different style probes are available and can be developed to perform point-based compression testing.

Micro-compression platens are available to conduct compression of the entire package or chip simultaneously. External measurement devices, such as the LVDT Platen Displacement Fixture, can be used to perform contact style measurement, and the Advanced Video Extensometer 2 (AVE 2) can be used to perform non-contact style deflection measurement in microns. Instron’s Bluehill® software is used to set up test methods for an XY stage or micro-compression platens. Using external strain channels, graphical results on voltage and resistance to corresponding force can be presented in the software.