Stud Pull Test for Electronic Packages

The Challenge

A typical surface mount assembly involves mounting electronic packages onto the printed circuit board (PCB). This assembly requires bonding of a chip or die onto the PCB using solder paste and other adhesive materials. For example, the assembly of flip chips, ball grid arrays (BGA), and chip-scale packages (CSP) require you to apply the process of underfill for the bonding between the die and the substrate. As part of the design and mechanical validation, OEMs look to perform tests that measure the bond strength of the adhesives in a package assembly at various operating conditions. One such critical technique is the stud pull test for packages of various dimensions.

Our Solution

Instron® offers an easy to use stud pull fixture with a specimen preparation fixture for running the test at ambient and high temperatures. The specimen preparation fixture allows the operator to bond the studs on the die package using a high strength adhesive. The fixture applies a constant force, enabling correct alignment, which is highly critical to the test. In addition to the preparation fixture, the stud pull fixture has upper and lower fittings with self-aligning swivels at both sections. This allows for accurate alignment of the studs in parallel to the frame, or perpendicular to the cross-head. High temperature chambers are also offered to perform this test. Stud sets are designed in various sizes, ranging from 2 mm to 50 mm, to fit a range of die package dimensions.