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Strategic Acquisition Expands Product Line

Tissue Growth Technologies (TGT) will become a part of ITW’s Test and Measurement business, strengthening and expanding the Instron product line.


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Franz Meller Appointed Area Sales Manager for Instron Testing Systems in Austria

Based in Dobersberg/Austria, Franz Meller is now the contact for the whole of Austria for all matters involving the purchase, modernisation and maintenance of Instron testing systems and equipment.


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BioBox System Enables Testing at Body Temperature

Instron's new BioBox temperature chamber meets the growing trend of testing medical devices and biomaterials in a physiological state, i.e. at 37°C body temperature, as required by the relevant medical regulatory authorities.


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TrendTracker for Bluehill Materials Testing Software

TrendTracker™ is a tool to help manage and present BH results data. TrendTracker can take results from all tests performed within BH and store them in an SQL data base. TrendTracker can do this for single or multiple machines and store all the data in the same place. This data can then be sorted and grouped to produce statistical trends for areas of interest.


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CEAST Melt Flow Testers (MF20 and MF30)

The CEAST line of melt flow testers now includes the MF20 and MF30 Melt Flow Testers, which meet the stricter requirements imposed by ISO 1133-2 with regard to temperature control for highly sensitive materials.


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High-capacity Hydraulic Side-acting Grips for Metals

Our new hydraulic side-action grips, with an open-front design, incorporate DuraSync technology and provides an ideal solution for high-capacity metals testing. Available in capacities from 250kN to 2000kN.


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