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Characterizing Complex Materials with Impact Testing

During the European Congress on Composite Materials(ECCM16) seminar in Seville, Spain, Andrea Calzolari presented research that was carried out in cooperation with the University of Turin and the LIMA Corporate Group.


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A Review of Contacting Strain Measurement Techniques for Composites Laminate Testing

The most common approaches to strain measurement in composites coupon testing involve the use of strain gauges bonded to the surface of the specimen or using a clip-on extensometer.


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Composites on the Move

Composites are now a broad and well-established family of materials and there are some exciting trends that are starting to develop.


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Effect of Frame Alignment on Tensile Strength of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Laminates

Alignment has always been known to influence results from mechanical testing, but the effect on composites testing can be very significant. Many ASTM and ISO standards include recommendations regarding alignment, and auditing organizations mandate that the alignment is within defined limits. Ensuring good test alignment requires high-quality testing frames, grips, and fixtures, as well as the expertise to validate the alignment. Some companies choose not to align their test frame because they feel that the cost is too high and they believe that the effect on their results is minimal. Read our study that demonstrates the huge impact that alignment can have on test results and the effect that this can have on your company’s bottom line.


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A Review of Current In-Plane Composites Compression Testing

The compressive modulus and/or strength of a composite material are critical parameters for many structural uses. The factors that determine the compression strength are complex and the values of compressive strength for a composite can be much lower than values for tensile strength. One of the challenges in the compression testing of composite laminates is in understanding the various test types and standards. This white paper seeks to document and explain this field.


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ISO 6892-1:2009 Whitepaper : Metallic Materials for Tensile Testing

This whitepaper provides an in-depth description of how the new standard replaces both the previous version of ISO 6892 and the widely-used EN 10002-1:2001 standard. It is highly relevant reading for anyone performing tensile tests on metallic materials. Instron testing machines are able to meet the demanding requirements of ISO 6892-1:2009, both Method A, based on strain rate control, and Method B, based on stress rate.


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