High Temperature Extensometer | Up to 600°C

This extensometer can be attached to round and flat specimens to perform tensile, compression, and cyclic tests in environmental chambers up to 600°C with no cooling required. A quick attach kit for mounting on specimens is included. The device has a low operating force that prevents it from affecting the test.

Gauge Length 25 mm
% Travel (Axial) +50% / - 8.0%
Specimen Size (Round) Up to 15 mm diameter
Specimen Size (Flat) Up to 50 mm wide for specimens up to 6.35 mm thick
Up to 19 mm wide for specimens 6.35 mm to 12.5 mm thick
Catalog Number CP118413
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High Temperature Strain Gauge Extensometers

High Temperature Extensometers | Up to 1000°C
2632 Series

High temperature strain gauge extensometers suitable for use up to 1000°C in a resistance furnace. These extensometers are particularly suited to low cycle fatigue, creep, and stress relaxation testing. The extensometer attaches to a specimen using ceramic wrap-around cord (supplied) or by using a spring type attachment (catalog no. 2632-061). These extensometers are compatible with 3117-150, 3117-152, and 3117-200 furnaces.

Gauge Length % Travel (Axial) Chisel and End Rods Catalog No.
12.5 mm +20% / -10% Quartz 2632-054
12.5 mm +20% / -10% Alumina 2632-055
25 mm +10% / -5% Quartz 2632-056
25 mm +10% / -5% Alumina 2632-057
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E-Series High Temperature Extensometer

High Temperature Extensometers | Up to 1200°C

The E-Series high temperature extensometer is a self-supporting, side-entry axial strain gauge designed for use in furnaces with a slot for extensometers or with an induction heating system. The device uses a ceramic fiber cords to attach the extensometer to the specimen.

Gauge Length % Travel (Axial) Catalog No.
25 mm ± 20% W-E418-25
50 mm ± 20% W-E418-50
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