8260C | Fatigue Rated Hydraulic Wedge Grips

±25kN / ±100Nm Fatigue Rated Hydraulic Wedge Grips for 8874 System

  • Feature side-entry design with full access for easy specimen insertion from the side
  • Adjustable specimen stops on flat faces provide accurate specimen centering
  • Suitable for tension and compression (including full reverse-stress dynamic testing) combined with torsional capability
  • Temperature Range: +4C to +65C
  • Mounts directly to 8874 actuator and load cell without additional fatigue rated adapters
  • Mechanical interface: 6 x M8 on 75 PCD
  • Dimensions: 260mm high x 130mm diameter
  • Grip mass: 16.8 kg (37lbs) approximately per grip

8874 machine requires 8000-049 attachment kit if load cell is fitted to actuator

Requires: Jaw faces (select from 2703-801 to 804 as required) and 207 Bar (3000psi) grip controller

Quantity: 2 grips

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