Debris shields, also known as protective shields, provide a protective barrier between the test space and the operator. These may be necessary for materials that exhibit violent failures under test, such as composites, rebar, and cables.

Debris Shield with Hinged Door for Single Columns, Table Models, and Floor Models

These debris shields feature an anodized extruded aluminum frame and clear Lexan® panels that offer unobstructed views of the text space. A hinged-style access door is available with or without door safety interlocks.

Compatible Frames Catalog Number
Single Columns | 500 N Systems:
334X, 34SC, 594X, 68SC
Single Columns | 1 - 5 kN Systems | Standard Height:
334X, 34SC, 594X, 68SC
Single Columns | 5 kN Systems| Extra Height:
3345, 34SC-5, 68SC-5
Table Models | Standard Width:
336X (dual T-slot column cover style only), 34TM, 446X, 556X, 586X, 596X, 68TM
Floor Models:
3382, 3384, 3385H, 34FM, 4481, 4482, 4484, 4485, 5581, 5582, 5584, 5585, 5585H, 5881, 5882, 5884, 5885, 5885H, 5982, 5984, 5985, 5985, 68FM
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Debris Shield with Sliding Door for Table Models

Depending on user-preference and footprint limitations, a sliding debris shield is available for table model universal testing systems. The sheet metal and polycarbonate shield encase the front of the test machine, separating the user from debris and moving parts while also giving excellent visibility. To access the test space, the sliding door is opened to the left and specimens and grips can be loaded through the 845mm tall and 440mm wide port. The debris shield can be equipped with an optional magnetic interlock which prevents tests from being started with the door open and can be configured to prevent all crosshead motion when the door is open.

Compatible Frames Catalog Number
68TM | Standard Height, Standard Width CP129040
68TM | Extra Height, Standard Width CP129044
34TM, 336X, 596X | Standard Height, Standard Width CP127246
34TM, 336X, 596X | Extra Height, Standard Width CP126003
336X, 596X | Standard Height, Standard Width CP126002
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