W-1187-H | Splitting Tensile Fixture, 6 in x 12 in Cylinder

Splitting Tensile Fixture for testing 6 in x 12 in cylinders on the 600RD in accordance with ASTM C-496.

  • Cylinder splitting head 14.75 in long with bearing bar surface for contact on the horizontal surface of the 12 in cylinder.
  • Bearing bar surface of 2 in wide by 12 in long machined within 0.001 in of planeness with a scribed centerline.
  • Bearing bar has freedom to tilt 4 degrees front to back.
  • Requires one 4 in thick spacer. (9 in diameter x 4 in thick, included with machine purchase.)
  • 6.75 in maximum usable vertical test opening with fixture in place.

Fixture mounts in frame with a holding stem and set screw assembly.