These machines are developed to obtain specimens by punching, using hollow dies of different sizes and contours. Several hundreds of dies can be created by interchangeable socket punches with different profiles and size according to the standards and to the customer needs. Dies are made of steel with hand finished cutting edges and can be provided with ejector for easy removal of the specimen after punching.


Compact design of instrument for an easy and fast preparation Manual and automatic models obtain specimens of different size and geometries for a wide range of plastics testing applications High level of results repeatability and time saving test procedures


  • ISO 2818
  • ISO 179
  • ISO 180
  • ISO 8256
  • ASTM 6110
  • ASTM D256
  • ASTM D412
  • ASTM D638
  • DIN 53453
  • Industry/customer specific geometries and dimensions
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