The 8862 testing systems feature a single screw electromechanical actuator that has been developed for slow speed static, slow strain rate and quasi-dynamic cyclic testing. The systems are completed with high stiffness, precision aligned, two-column load frames to give unparalleled testing performance. The test space is configurable to suit the application requirements. For increased usability, the higher capacity 8862 machine can be equipped with the actuator mounted in the lower table or upper crosshead, and coupled with the option of hydraulic lifts.

Combined with the advanced features of the 8800 digital controller, and Instron's advanced fatigue-rated load cell technologies, the 8860 series is ideally suited to low cycle fatigue, thermomechanical fatigue, high temperature static, creep fatigue, slow strain rate and ceramics testing.

Console software provides full system control from a PC: including waveform generation, calibration, limit set-up and status monitoring. Add WaveMatrix3 block loading software for simple or complex tests on materials or components; Bluehill® software for static tests or LCF3 software for low cycle fatigue tests at high temperature. 


  • Integrated with the 8800 digital controller
  • High-accuracy load cell
  • Actuator guidance systems provides true non-skewing axial motion
  • Capable of testing speeds down to 1 micron/hour
  • Excellent waveform fidelity
  • Low mechanical noise
  • Wide variety of system options, grips, fixtures and accessories available
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