Combined Thermal and Mechanical Load Testing 

Instron Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) testing system is a modified 8801 servohydraulic test frame that provides effortless analysis of combined thermal and mechanical loading cycles of high-performance materials. Instron offers servohydraulic or a unique servo-electric actuator depending on your application integrated with specifically designed components and accessories. Expert integration of a wide range of technologies has resulted in a reliable machine proven to increase data accuracy, improve repeatability and ability to perform tests in compliance with international standards.


  • High capacity loading frame maximizes lateral and axial stiffness during reverse stress testing
  • High stiffness load frame with force capacity of ±100 kN (±22 kip) or ±250 kN (±56 kip)
  • Induction heating with specimen heating rates up to 50°C/s
  • Precision-aligned load string with the actuator in the lower base
  • Standard servohydraulic actuator for added flexibility
  • Choice of hydraulic configuration and dynamic performance to suit the application
  • Optional backlash free, all-electric actuator delivers precise slow speed control with virtually silent operation and no hydraulic infrastructure requirements (8862-TMF)
  • An integrated high-temperature extensometer with low contact force
  • Multi-coil induction system
  • Choice of internal or enclosed external cooling solution
  • Precision work head mount for induction coil adjustment
  • Collet head grip for improved alignment and tubular specimen cooling
  • AlignPRO alignment fixture and supporting software are provided as standard to ensure precision load string alignment
  • Dedicated and highly automated TMF Software Package
  • Full system integration with Instron electronics
  • Updated furnace controller and software provide a more intuitive experience

Controller and Software

The TMF system is supplied with a dedicated TMF software package and fully integrated Instron 8800MT digital controller that provides a quick and easy experience in conducting tests in accordance to international standards, including ASTM E2368 and ISO 12111. The integrated TMF software provides additional automation in conducting TMF testing. High specification Eurotherm 2704 is used for temperature control.

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