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Table Top Fatigue
Testing Systems

25kN Servohydraulic Fatigue Series

Ideal for fatigue and quasi-static testing of biomedical, advanced materials, and manufactured components, the 8872 and 8874 feature a precision aligned twin-column frame with crosshead mounted actuator and T-slot table, for easy mounting of test pieces such as orthopaedic specimens, automotive components, and manufacturing assemblies.

The 8874 offers a combined linear-torsion dynamic actuator with an additional ±100 Nm (880 in-lb) torque capacity as well as the 25 kN linear force provided by both frames.


8872 (25kN) Linear Fatigue
Testing System

Table-top dynamic test frame for versatile, high frequency, linear testing up to ±25 kN (5620 lbf). A crosshead mounted actuator, adjustable crosshead and corrosion resistant T-slot table with drainage channel optimise this frame for component testing within a small footprint.



8874 (25 kN/100 Nm) Linear-Torsion
Fatigue Testing System

Table-top dynamic test frame for versatile, high frequency, linear-torsion testing up to ±25 kN (5620 lbf) and ±100 Nm (880 in-lb) torque capacity. A combined decoupled linear-torsion actuator makes this system ideal for testing components or orthopaedic fixtures, while the T-slot table with drainage channel allow for the mounting of an optional fluid bath.


Bi-Axial Variants Icon
Up to ±25 kN (5620 lbf) axial force capacity. ±100 Nm (880 in-lb) torque capacity with 8874
Force Sensor Icon
Patented Dynacell load cell featuring compensation for inertial loads caused by heavy grips and fixtures
Systems Icon
Standard or extra-height frame options
Flex Icon
Wide range of grips, fixtures, and accessories

Controllers and Software
These machines are supplied with Instron’s latest 8800MT digital controller, providing full system control including patented stiffness based tuning, amplitude control, specimen protect, adaptive control technology, 19 bit resolution across the full range of transducers, and up to 10kHz synchronous data acquisition across all channels.

They also allow access to WaveMatrix3 Dynamic Testing Software, Bluehill® Universal Software for quasi-static tests, and other application specific software such as Bluehill Fracture for pre-cracking and crack growth studies, or LCF3 for Low Cycle Fatigue testing.

WaveMatrix2 Dashboard with Side Monitor

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