Controller Labtronic® 8800ml

Labtronic 8800ml, Instrons new test controller, provides an integrated laboratory solution for all requirements from component tests through to simulation of service loads on full vehicles.

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Hydropuls® actuators

Hydropuls hydraulic actuators are used in the full of static and dynamic applications where high precision simulation of movement, forces, strains and accelerations are required.

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Load Cell


A comprehensive range of fatigue rated precision transducers are available to measure position, force, torque, pressure, strain and acceleration.

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Servo Valve

Servo valves

To deliver the full range of actuator performance requirements, a range of 2 and 3 stage servo valves with flow rates from 5 liters to 2400 liters/min are available.

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Power Packs and accessories

A modular range of variable flow hydraulic power supplies are available to service dedicated test systems or to be configured as a central laboratory supply facility. Pipeline solutions are also available to safely distribute the hydraulic supply around the lab.

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Test Frame 1

Test frames and fixtures

Instron offers a range of test frames and fixtures providing a modular and flexible approach to meet a variety of test challenges.

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