Universal Testing Systems for Tensile, Compression, and Flexure Testing

5900 Series Universal Testing Machines

The 5900 Series Universal Testing Instruments offer exceptional performance and are designed with enhancements that deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced overall experience for the operator. New industry leading features include load measurement accuracy to +/-0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity and fast, synchronized data acquisition rates up to 2,500 points per second. The most common uses of these mechanical testing systems are for tensile, compression, bend, peel, shear, tear and cyclic tests. Configured systems are fully capable of meeting test requirements per ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI, GB, JIS, ANSI, NAS, etc.

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0.02 N (2 gf) - 600 kN Force Capacities

5940 Single Column Universal Testing Machine

Low-Force Testing Systems
500 N, 1 kN, 2 kN
Force Capacities

Commonly used to perform tensile, compression, peel, and bend tests on medical devices, biomaterials, microelectronics, elastomers, plastics, films, and textiles.

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5965 Tabletop Universal Testing System

Mid-Range Testing Systems
5 kN, 10 kN, 30 kN, 50 kN
Force Capacities

Commonly used to perform tensile, compression, and bend tests on metals, composites, plastics, textiles, rope, and automotive components.

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5980 Universal Testing System Floor Models

High-Capacity Testing Systems
100 kN, 150 kN, 250 kN, 400 kN, 600 kN
Force Capacities

Commonly used to perform tensile, compression, and bend tests on high strength metals and alloys, advanced composites, aerospace and automotive structures, bolts, and fasteners.

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EM Torsion Bone Screw Test

Torsion Add-On 2.0
For Biaxial Testing

The Torsion Add-On allows you to reduce the product development time, simulate real-world applications of your products, and free up needed test space.

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5900 Series Multi-Station Test Frame for Simultaneous Mechanical Testing

Multi-Station Test Frame
For Simultaneous Mechanical Testing

The multi-station test frame allows for efficiency in simultaneous mechanical testing of up to 5 different specimens.

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Automated Testing Systems

Automated Testing Systems
Robotic and Non-Robotic Options Available

Automated Testing Systems enable a new dimension of testing productivity, improve safety, reduce variability, save time and increase throughput.

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Compatible with our extensive accessory catalog, the 5900 Series frames can be adapted for tension, compression, flexure, peel, tear, friction, and more for use in a wide range of applications and industries, including biomedical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, plastics, metals, composites, elastomers, and textiles.

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