A Semi-Automated System for Testing Pen and Autoinjectors to ISO 11608-5

The Instron® Autoinjector Test System is a semi-automated solution that allows for all required testing of injection devices to be carried out in a single test. Designed to accommodate pen and autoinjectors with varying geometries, this system allows you to measure a variety of critical data points including cap removal, activation force, injection time, injection mass/volume, and lock out force of the needle shield – all within a single test method. The Autoinjector Test System is available as an add-on for the 6800 or 5900 Series universal testing system with Bluehill® Universal software and the TestProfiler module. Additional sensors and cameras can be added to capture even more data, including the click at the time of injection, needle length after a completed injection, and more.

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Autoinjector Testing System


The entire a system is contained in an enclosure with an interlocked door, preventing operation of the machine while the door is open.

Mettler Toledo Scale

The collection beaker sits atop this scale which is used to determine ejection mass, ejection volume (derived), and ejection time.

Pneumatic Shuttle

The shuttle allows for the measurement of cap removal and injection in a single test.

Pneumatic Grips

Pneumatic powered upper and side grips are utilized for interacting with the device. The jaw faces on the grips can easily be swapped out to accommodate devices with different geometries. These grips are controlled via digital I/O outputs programmed within the Bluehill software. They also have digital inputs to determine whether they are in an open or closed state. This is used to perform checks that a device has been properly inserted.

Close Up of Autoinjector Test System Components
Removable inserts can be custom designed to fit different cap geometries.


Cognex Camera

Cognex Camera

An ultra-compact Cognex camera can be installed inside the enclosure, providing clear video and images to determine the needle length of the device after a completed injection.

Secondary Live Display

Secondary Live Display

A secondary monitor can be installed to show the images captured by the Cognex camera. It can also be set to a live mode for continuous video.

Auditory Sensor

Auditory Sensor

An auditory sensor can be added to measure and determine the click that occurs at the time of injection. The measurement is brought into Bluehill as a live channel.

Last Drop Blowoff Valve

Last Drop Blowoff Valve

This blowoff valve can be set to engage after the injection has completed to remove the last drop.

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