Manufactured in Brazil, the 2300 Series table model universal testing systems have force capacities ranging up to 50 kN. These affordable laboratory systems are used in quality control, R&D, and in the teaching of materials science. The Instron brand is present in the most renowned industries, universities, and in the most reliable testing laboratories in the country and Latin America. The 2300 Series is used to determine the strength of materials in tensile, compression, bending tests, etc; that is, all classes of destructive mechanical tests. These tests can be performed on materials and / or products made of metal, plastics, composites, biomedical, elastomeric, polymeric, ceramic, and as far as materials engineering can go. The 2300 Series is compatible with Instron accessories, including advanced ones, in addition to operating with Bluehill® software.

Bancada Coluna Simples Até 5 kN

Single Column Table Models up to 5 kN

The 2300 Series single column table models have force capacities ranging up to 5 kN and are ideal for tensile and compression applications on paper, plastic films, textile yarns, rubbers in general, leather, electronic components, and medical devices.

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Bancada Coluna Dupla Até 50 kN

Dual Column Table Models up to 50 kN

The 2300 Series dual column table models have force capacities ranging up to 50 kN and are ideal for tensile, compression, and bend test applications on rubbers, elastomers, plastics, and thin metal sheets.

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