30 Years and Counting

30 Years and Counting ....

This month, we're featuring Randy Riddle, one of our very own Application Engineers. Not only is he a family man, a grandfather to three beautiful granddaughters, and the Mayor of Grove City, PA since 2004, but he has found the time to fit in 30 years of service at Instron.

Q: When did you first join Instron?

A: I started working at SATEC in January 1982 and then became employed by Instron after both companies merged in 1998.

Q. During your 30-year tenure, you've held a variety of positions within the company. What was your favorite and why?

A: I really enjoy working as an applications engineer. Using my engineering background - including my attention to detail - I use these skills in the selling/quoting process and in dealing directly with my customers. Also, I love to draw, so when I worked as a mechanical project engineer, I was able to create new products for SATEC/Instron.

Q: What are a few of your favorite moments?

A: The first one that comes to mind is the project I worked on with Steve Somple. We worked on the drawings used to develop an electromechanical machine. It was quite an experience to be on a team developing a new product line. The other moment that comes to my mind is when we found out that Instron had acquired SATEC. I was actually at a tradeshow, representing SATEC, with the Instron stand in the next row. At this time, we were competitors. However, all of us representing our respective companies learned at the same time of this merger. Well, you can say that definitely broke the ice for our conversation!

Q: What do you like best about working at Instron?

A: I really like that Instron is a smaller-sized company, giving us all the opportunity to know most, if not all, of our coworkers. I've enjoyed the various interactions I've had with our global coworkers. I wouldn't really have this opportunity to do so at a larger company.

Q: What was the biggest change you've experienced?

A: Definitely the SATEC acquisition by Instron. Not only did this provide opportunities for growth, but we now had the opportunity to share customer databases and offer our specific product line to many more potential customers.

Q: What is the most interesting thing you've been a part of at Instron?

A: Being a part of our Industrial Products Group (IPG) business team. This groups makes a collective effort and promotes our productline to create a happy customer with positive feedback.

Q: What has working at Instron taught you over the years?

A: To pay attention to the detail - even those that seem so small- starting with the very first contact you have with a customer all the way through to the machine implementation and beyond. A customer should not want or need anything.

Thanks so much for your time, Randy, today and for the last 30 years!

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Originally posted on February 08, 2012 , Updated On March 23, 2021