Free Whitepaper on Mechanical Testing of Medical Implants

Implants and the materials used for their production undergo extensive tests, which include the evaluation of the static and dynamic mechanical properties of the raw materials, components, and systems. Many of these tests are internationally standardized; other testing procedures are specific to a given application. In all cases, advanced testing instruments and clamping fixtures along with flexible, programmable testing software help in the determination and analysis of the relevant data.

Stents are small tube-like medical devices, usually constructed of a biocompatible stainless steel or metal alloy, which are used by surgeons to widen or unblock clogged arteries to help restore normal blood flow and reduce risk of heart attack. Today, stenting is a common practice, making up more than 70% of the total coronary angioplasty procedures.

This is just a snippet of information you'll find inside the Mechanical Testing of Medical Impants article written by Toby Kemp, Jim Ritchey, and Erik Schmidt-Staubach. Download the free whitepaper to read more on the extensive range of testing applications.

Originally posted on February 10, 2012 , Updated On March 23, 2021