Google for Test Results

There are many situations where we need to analyze test results, not just from one sample file, but results that are spread across different sample files that were tested at different times with slight differences in setup or calculations. Are you ever in a situation where you would like to have all the relevant data together without spending a lot of time going through multiple files and copy-pasting the results? The answer to this lies in storing your results in a database. Unlike a file-based system, database storage is optimized for search and retrieval of information. It allows you to quickly narrow down to the right data set within seconds and it saves your search criteria for future use. This decreases the amount of time lab operators spend on moving and organizing data, while increasing the productivity and throughput of the lab.


Earlier this month, Parasar Kodati, Software Product Manager, hosted a live database management webinar. If you missed the opportunity to see it live, you can now take advantage of watching the webinar at your convenience.

Originally posted on June 14, 2013 , Updated On March 23, 2021