Instron at Alabama Composites Conference, Birmingham

Instron was at the Alabama Composites Conference (ACC) from June 19—20 in Birmingham, Alabama. Southeast Applications Engineer Jim Gleason and Kent Wallace, Dynamic Systems, were on site. ACC is held every two years at the University of Birmingham, Alabama (UAB) and focuses on latest innovations in the composites industry. Instron is proud to support such an event because it sees participation from a wide range of industry partners working with composite materials.

We exhibited an ElectroPuls E1000 and had a few Instron personnel at ACC to give information about our other product lines like electromechanical systems, CEAST impact machines, hydraulic systems, etc.

Check this out for an array of topics covered during different sessions of this conference. I found the ENERGY, GREEN, and BIOCOMPOSITES section very interesting in terms of using natural fibers as reinforcements to the matrix.


Originally posted on June 24, 2013 , Updated On March 23, 2021