Question from a Customer

Q: Do you have the necessary equipment and expertise to adjust and verify Instron equipment to accuracy levels demanded by national and international standards such as ISO and ASTM? Do your verification/calibration certificates report measurement uncertainty for each measurement taken?

A: Our verification certificates report calculated measurement uncertainty for each measurement taken and are in compliance with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperative (ILAC) Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration. Instron Service personnel are factory trained to setup Instron equipment to meet and exceed these standards.


It should be noted that most Instron equipment can operate to specifications that exceed international standards. Our staff is equipped with calibration standards having the low uncertainties of measurement required to verify performance of Instron systems beyond levels found in many international standards. Many calibration suppliers do not have standards with the accuracy required to verify to these levels. For example: Instron maintains a primary force standard that is transferred to our deployed working standards – the need for a secondary standard is eliminated, the “chain of calibration” shortened, and measurement uncertainty is reduced.


Originally posted on June 14, 2013 , Updated On March 23, 2021