Custom Solution for Testing in Extreme Environments

When testing obscure materials, we let their performance dictate the type of grips, faces and fixtures we use for an optimal test.  The same goes for our testing environment.  If the environment where you are testing your specimens is hazardous, the frame should be able to withstand your most extreme conditions possible.   As machines get smarter, more critical components are required to maintain advanced functionality. If your frame is located in a radioactive environment, or either end of temperature extremes, it may be a candidate to have the electronics in a remote location.   Customers have requested this solution and we let those requirements lead the way.  We are able to extract all the critical electronic components from the frame and relocate them to a separate assembly that can be located up to 50 feet away. The handset and external emergency stop are mounted on a remote stand. 
Seperate Controls
Using a remote controller assembly allows you to test in extreme conditions.   Additionally, having your frame controlled remotely in a hazardous environment will extend the life of the system and expand you capabilities.

Originally posted on August 03, 2016 , Updated On June 21, 2024