Instron Exceeds Customer Expectations in South America

The need for materials testing in South America is increasing, and Instron (via OSHMA, agent for Argentina) is supporting this demand. With a new government and disciplined economic measures, Argentina is experiencing a period of recovery. The current outlook predicts a growing economy in the near future.

This sense of recovery was felt during FIMAQH 2016. The event was well attended. Guests attended to build business relationships and reset expectations. The attendees were confident in the economic recovery and ready to invest in its future.

In particular, OSHMA greatly supports the automotive market for materials testing and continues to build long-term relationships with academic institutions. OSHMA also supports the requirements of various industries: construction, metals, wood, biomedical, plastics, textiles, food, footwear, and more.

As customers look to reinvest in the economy, investing in equipment to support quality control becomes a priority. Testing materials means product improvement, process improvement, standardization, and new product development. Customers trust Instron products, software, and services. Locally, South American customers value the strong Instron brand, the technical expertise of our employees, and the proximity to the factory in Brazil. Local technical support is greatly appreciated: local sales, local service, and local language.

In this video, an OSHMA representative demonstrates the 23 Series using Bluehill® Software:

  Note: Video plays in Spanish.

Instron’s presence in South America via OSHMA in Argentina exceeds customer expectations, partnering with customers through the life cycle of material testing systems. OSHMA takes the time to truly understand customer needs, support product installations, and provide ongoing services through the life of their investment. Contact us to learn more about local support.

Originally posted on January 13, 2017 , Updated On March 23, 2021