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Posted On May 24, 2017

Instron Connect

When You Don’t Take Advantage of Software Updates

As Technical Support Manager at the Instron® corporate headquarters, I have answered my share of customer questions and hopefully brought more clarity to testing operators. Through this kind of customer exposure, my team and I are constantly taking note of feedback to make our products better. In particular, we receive calculation requests, discover bugs, and think of new features for our software products. As we develop and release software updates, many of these suggestions are added. As anyone with a smartphone is aware, software developers are constantly improving their software with periodic updates for a variety of reasons. Major phone companies release updates at least once a year, and in between the major updates, they push out smaller bug fixes and patches as flaws are inevitably found in the program, application, or operating system. This same idea applies with Bluehill® Software. No matter how much in-house testing is done, diverse customer feedback is always appreciated. Connecting with Technical Support is the most direct path for customers to have their voices heard by our engineers.