90° Pneumatic Peel Fixture: Testing Adhesion of Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries

The pneumatic 90° peel fixture was developed specifically for electrode adhesion testing. This peel fixture is designed to help an operator align and clamp down a specimen quickly and consistently while ensuring that a 90° angle can be maintained from start to finish. With its improved clamping and specimen alignment aids, the fixture provides greater repeatability, throughput, and reduced operator involvement over a standard manually controlled and set up peel fixture.

Tack Testing Fixture: Testing the Adhesion of Electrodes

Designed for ease of specimen preparation and throughput, this Tack Test Fixture is optimized for testing the adhesion strength of electrodes to their current collector. The contact area of the tack can be designed to various sizes as needed. It is designed with 5 specimen locations and able to perform 5 consecutive tests without the need for additional specimen preparation in between each test.

Weld Testing Fixture: Prismatic Cell Weld Testing

This custom-made prismatic battery weld test fixture features a cantilever style hook and alignment fixture for testing the cumulative welding of anode/cathode tabs to their respective current collector. It is also paired with a crosshead extension to provide more space behind and around the specimen/alignment device when using a single column frame. By using the alignment fixture, an operator can ensure the prismatic cell is properly gripped in an upper grip. Fixturing can also be easily swapped out to accommodate different sized prismatic cells and/or welds.

Electrical Contact Testing on a Universal Testing Machine

Universal testing systems can simultaneously measure the mechanical and electrical properties for your device.

RTS Instron Connect Software Overview

This video demonstrates the different features within the Instron Connect Software, an integrated support tool available on you Instron system’s operator dashboard or PC.

RTS Customer Portal Overview

This video demonstrates the different features within the RTS Customer Portal. The RTS Customer Portal allows you to obtain information for your Instron system fast, providing security during audit and lab evaluations.

Instron® AT3 | Configured for Tensile Testing

The AT3 automated testing system utilizes an innovative, three axis design for automatic tensile testing of plastics and other lightweight materials. With a smaller footprint than the AT6 robotic system, the AT3 provides a simple and compact solution while still maintaining high throughput and accuracy.


Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

ASTM F88 is a testing standard used to determine seal strength of flexible barrier materials. It is used to measure the seal strength of packaging materials, and is of particular importance in the medical device industry, where sterile seal integrity is of particular concern.

AverEdge32™ | Advanced Averaging Transverse Strain Measurement for Sheet Metal

AverEdge32™ is an optional advanced feature of the AVE 2 that utilizes edge-detection technology to simultaneously measure transverse strain at 32 locations along the specimen gauge length. It then averages them in real time, resulting in a smooth and repeatable transverse strain value, which is essential to calculating the r-value of sheet metal. This devices exceeds the requirements of ISO 10113, ASTM E517, JIS 2254 & GB/T 5027 for plastic strain ratio (r-value).