A major steel manufacturer developing fire resistant structural steel needed to perform testing related to ASTM E119. Previously they would apply heat to a structure then performing tensile tests on sections of it. They now wanted to apply a tensile force while the specimen was at temperature. The ultimate goal is to produce steel that retains majority of its yield strength at high temperatures.

Instron was able to provide a 6800 universal testing system with a model SF-16 split furnace and Bluehill 3 software. The advanced mounting for the furnace allows quick and easy transitioning from testing at room temperature to elevated temperature. It also provides fine adjustment of the vertical position of the furnace to ensure the specimen is in the center of the three heating zones.

The loadstring consists of spherically seated quick-change adapters, to provide the necessary alignment and ease of changing specimens, pullrods, and threaded specimen end holders.

Measuring yield properties requires extensometry as well, of which there are several options.

For more pictures and product information, please check out the Guide to High Temperature Tensile Testing.

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