Instron BioBath and AVE 2

Biomedical / Pharmaceutical Fixtures

Instron is the world leader in biomedical and pharmaceutical material testing and offers a full suite of test fixtures to meet all the needs of this industry.

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Instron Die Shear Fixture


Tens of millions of consumer electronic devices are tested by Instron systems each year. This selection of fixtures enables tensile, compression, shear, and bend tests to be performed on devices, components, and materials.

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Composites test fixtures

Composite Fixtures

Fixtures for testing composite materials for tension, compression, flexure, shear and peel. Most of these fixtures are designed to meet specific materials testing standards.

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Seat foam under compression

Foam Compression Fixtures

Compression fixture designed per testing standards ASTM D3574 (Indentation Force Deflection of Cellular / Urethane Foams) , ASTM D5672, and EN ISO 2439:2000.

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Wood Fixtures

Fixtures for testing wood for adhesive bond strength, compression, bend strength, shear, tensile strength, etc.

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Food Testing FIxtures

Food Testing Fixtures

Food fixtures cover a wide range of industry standard testing methods including compression, puncture, shear, and extrusion.

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Custom Fixture

Custom Fixtures

The Custom Solutions group at Instron has been developing unique fixtures to meet our customers’ specific needs for decades.

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