The 8802TT is a floor model servohydraulic dynamic test system that provides a combined axial and torsion actuator in the upper crosshead. With a precision aligned, high-stiffness twin-column frame, the 8802TT servohydraulic system meets the challenging demands of a varied range of both static and dynamic bi-axial testing requirements.

The precision mechanical systems, combined with the advanced features of a two-axis 8800 digital controller and an axial-torsional fatigue-rated Dynacell™, enable Instron to supply fully integrated turnkey solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

Console software provides full system control from a PC, including waveform generation in both axes, calibration, limit set up, and status monitoring. Add WaveMatrix™ block loading software for simple and advanced axial-torsion tests on materials or components, or Bluehill® 2 software for static tests on the axial axis.


  • Combined axial-torsional actuator with de-coupled connecting mechanism
  • ±100 kN (22,500 lbf) axial force capacity
  • ±1000 Nm (880 in-lb) torque capacity
  • Twin-column, precision-aligned load frame
  • Hydraulic lift and locks of the upper crosshead
  • Actuator in upper crosshead
  • Patented Dynacell load cell featuring compensation for inertial loads caused by heavy grips and fixtures in both axes
  • Wide range of axial-torsional grips, fixtures, and accessories
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