Protect Your Investment: The Instron BioCoat

Do you perform mechanical testing with an Instron BioPuls Bath, a homemade bath, or with wet specimens? Medical devices and biomaterials are often tested in a bath of water or saline heated to 37 °C (body temperature) to replicate a more physiologically accurate environment. While this creates an accurate simulation, using liquid can pose a risk of damaging your Instron system, since many of the frame’s electronics are housed directly under the liquid-filled test space. More often than not, the risk usually comes from filling and emptying the bath.

This risk can be minimized by using the Instron BioCoat: a flexible, polyurethane cover for any single column Instron system (you may remember our post from July). The BioCoat, along with a base plate adapter, creates a water-resistant seal around the base of the machine, greatly minimizing the risk of leaking water or other liquids damaging the electronics within the base of the Instron frame. The flexibility of the BioCoat also allows for easy access to the load and strain cables in the back of the machine.

This video shows how the BioCoat protects the base of the Instron frame. As always, you can contact your local Instron representative for more information.

Originally posted on March 07, 2013 , Updated On March 23, 2021