Bluehill® Universal Software: Top 5 FAQs

While maintaining all of the power and flexibility found in previous versions of Bluehill software, our latest static testing software, Bluehill Universal, was built from the ground up for touch interaction and boasts many advanced new features, such as pre-loaded test methods, QuickTest in seconds, and enhanced data exporting capabilities.

As with anything new, people have questions. So below, we've compiled answers to the top 5 most frequently asked questions.

Bluehill Universal Upgrade

1. Can Bluehill Universal be added to my existing testing system?

If you have a 3300, 3400, 5500, 5500A, 5900, 6800, 8800, ElectroPuls™, IS02, or 59-R8 system, you can run static tests on Bluehill Universal. (If you can’t find your frame number, contact us. We’ll help you find it.)

2. I am using an older version of Bluehill software. How would I benefit from an upgrade?

Bluehill Universal adds new value in a number of ways:

  • Touch Interface - The groundbreaking touch interface offers a refreshed, more intuitive experience for Bluehill users of all levels, while still providing consistencies in test setup and operation when compared to previous versions. In addition, the touch interface features allow for more flexibility and capability when writing test methods.
  • QuickTest- QuickTest lets operators start a simple tension or compression test in a matter of seconds, without setting up a method.
  • TestProfiler (v3.72 and higher) - TestProfiler allows users to create custom test control sequences called profiles, using waveform-building blocks, such as triangle waves, ramps, and holds. A test method graphically displays as it’s being created and can be modified using standard Windows tools (cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.).
  • Customized Exporting- New exporting tools give operators the power to create customized output files with test results and raw data. Flexible formatting allows users to modify the file type, separators, table formats, and more—making it easier for users to move Instron data into external databases. 
  • Revision History- Revision history allows users to view the full revision history of Bluehill methods, tested samples, and report templates. Each revision contains the details of the affected item, including a time stamp, both the previous and the new value, and the name of the user who made the change.
  • Instron Connect - The Instron Connect communication platform offers a quick and easy way to get in touch with Instron Tech Support. Operators can open tech support calls, request verification services, and upload method and sample files directly from the Bluehill Universal software. This integration eliminates the need to spend time on the phone exchanging system and software identification information — Bluehill Universal sends all of this information automatically after tapping “Submit”.

3. Do I need to use a touchscreen with Bluehill Universal?

Although Bluehill Universal is designed for touch, it isn’t obligatory. Operators may be more comfortable using a keyboard and a mouse over a touchscreen, and that’s okay. We do encourage that the monitor is positioned in portrait orientation, regardless of whether or not the touch interface is used. With the newly sized workspace components and buttons, portrait orientation optimizes the testing ergonomics of clicking and tapping, and allows users to optimize screen space with useful test information.

4. What operating system can I use for Bluehill Universal?

Bluehill Universal works on the following operating systems:

Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)* Windows 10 (64-bit)* Windows 11 (64-bit)*
Bluehill Universal Version 4.12 or lower All Bluehill Universal Versions Bluehill Universal Version 4.28 or greater
* excluding Home editions

Instron offers an Operator Dashboard “all-in-one” touch PC solution, which comes with an adjustable mount for the test frame. The Operator Dashboard comes installed with Windows 10, Bluehill Universal, and all of the factory settings that we recommend using when running the software.

5. Will I need training to run Bluehill Universal?

We recommend that all Bluehill users receive introductory training from your local Field Service Engineer when the software is installed. There are various levels of training available depending on familiarity with former Instron software products, and the complexity of testing applications and test method setups.

Originally posted on January 16, 2018 , Updated On June 21, 2024