Torsion Testing of Flexible Circuits and Microelectronic Components

IPC TM-650

The Challenge

Because the industry has trended towards the miniaturization of mobile electronic devices, flexible printed circuits (FPC) have become increasingly attractive to OEMs. In addition, the availability of flexible electronic displays allows these products to be flexible or bendable. As these technologies are still relatively new, it is critical to understand the mechanical reliability of these sub-assemblies. Understanding how torsion is applied to FPC panels is important when evaluating component layout patterns under various load conditions.

Our Solution

The Torsion Add-On 3.0 is capable of twisting FPC panels at various degrees of rotation, while pneumatic side action tensile grips can be used to hold FPC panels in the correct position for performing the twisting operations. Bluehill® Universal software offers the ability to create test methods for automating the torsion operation, and for measuring critical results, such as force to break. Cyclic torsion testing can also be set up with Bluehill Universal.