T-slotted tables provide an extremely versatile method of securing fixtures to test odd sized specimens in the compression space of DX model static hydraulic universal testing machines. Commercially available T-slot nuts are slid into the inverted T slot of the table. Bolts, studs, or threaded rods can then be threaded into the nuts. The T-slot table can be used to secure specimens that might otherwise be ejected from the test space under load. It can also be used to position specimens in the same location for repeated tests or batch testing of product. Guides, slides, or stops can be positioned on the table and bolted into position to allow precise placement of the specimens for every test. With the fixturing removed from the test space, the T-slotted table is capable of supporting a compressive load to full frame capacity, the same as the loading table.

The table is bolted to the machine frame and is typically manufactured to cover the full width and depth of the loading table. Depending on the frame model, the table will reduce the useable compression space 50 to 75 mm (2 to 3 in). The frame loading table must be drilled and tapped to accept the T-slot table.

Available Models
Item Description Accessory Height Catalog No.
T-Slot Table for 150DX 38 mm 150DX-0005
T-Slot Table for 300DX 38 mm 300DX-0005
T-Slot Table for 600DX 44 mm 600DX-0005
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