Specimen Measurement Devices

A variety of specimen measurement devices can be purchased to provide digital measurement, digital measurement with automatic data entry, or manual measurement. 

Specimen measuring with digital instruments, such as calipers and micrometers, provide accurate measurement. They can be purchased in a variety of measuring ranges. When purchased with the automatic data entry interface, the instrument will send the digital measurement directly to the controlling software that is being used to run the test. No manual entry is needed. These instruments are compatible with Bluehill®, Merlin™, Partner™ and Series IX™ advanced materials testing software. 

Various manual measurement devices are available for post-test determination of specimen elongation or reduction of area. Percent elongation scales (both standard and telescoping are available) measure the elongation of flat specimens and a reduction of area gauge measures the reduction of area of a round specimen.

Principe de fonctionnement

Digital transfer of data from the measuring instrument to the software is accomplished with an automatic data entry interface. This interface translates and routes data from the instrument with an RS-232 output and connecting cables to the controlling software. 

The reduction of area and percent elongation devices operate similar to a ruler or sliding scale ruler.


  • Accurate specimen measurement 
  • "Hands-free" data entry